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Will it be necessary to obtain a Titre de Séjour (e.g. Carte de Séjour or Carte de Résident) after the 29th March 2019?

In the event of  BREXIT delivering a NO DEAL outcome  - Any Titre de Séjour obtained on the basis of EU citizenship before the 30th March 2019 will have to be changed for a Non EU national version. The timescale for this has yet to be published

In the event of BREXIT delivering a DEAL Any such Titre de Séjour will remain valid until the end of the transition period – which could be extended to 31/12/2022. Thereafter it will need to be replaced with a Titre of the type described in the Withdrawal agreement.

Applications will be able to be submitted according to a timescale which has yet to be announced but in any event will run until at least the end of July following the end of the transition period (e.g. July 2021 or July 2023 if the extension allowed for in the Withdrawal Agreement is triggered).