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Why have I received a letter from the French Tax office with a demand for payment of "PAS"?

 You may have received French Correspondence from the French Tax office recently which informs the owner that the tax due cannot be collected automatically each month Prelevement A la Source (“PAS”)
PAS – Prélèvement A la Source – this is a structural change to the way Income Tax (“Impôt sur le Revenu”) and Prélèvements Sociaux are being collected by the French tax office, from January 2019. If the French tax office doesn’t have your correct French bank account details available for collection of the tax prior to the date the payment was due, then it’s likely that you will receive a letter entitled « Prélèvement à la source – avis de rejet de prélèvement”   For an explanation of what action you need to take please refer to our blog page dated 29.01.19 entitled  French-property-owners-and-french-tax-collection