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Will a spanish bank cover any of the associated Euro mortgage fees?

We do have access to certain Spanish lenders that will pay for  or waive associated costs , keeping the purchaser's costs down .   These include the following :

the bank arrangement fee ,which is usually equal to 1% of the mortgage amount subject to a cap ,

the property value fee , this varies according to the purchase price but usually is a minimum of 600 E including VAT

the mortgage registration fee .  This fee is collected by the Spanish Solicitor to register the Mortgage Deed. It's a percentage of the mortgage amount .  Based on  a  mortgage amount of 100 000 E, it is estimated at 2000 E  .  

Based on a  mortgage amount of 100 000 E the estimated saving for the above 3 fees is approx 3.600 E

Please refer to our Spanish mortgage calculator which will provide estimates for the above three fees in order to calculate the saving on a different mortgage amount .  Please contact our office to see if your application qualifies .