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French mortgage deal of the week

Tuesday, 29 October, 2019




Repayment Mortgage                         628 000 

Fixed interest rate                                  1.00%

Mortgage payment pm                          2 888

Term in years                                           20               

Estimated French life assurance pm     295

APRC                                                         2.1%



The purchase price of the French property is  898 000 Euros
The  mortgage represents a loan to value of 70% of the purchase price 
Whilst all long term fixed French interest rates carry early redemption penalties equal to 6 months interest , (capped at 3% of the outstanding mortgage capital) , the bank agreed to waive all early redemption penalties, enabling our client to repay capital, when it is convenient and  when the funds are available to do so.
The bank does not require a side investment.   

The APRC quoted (annual percentage rate of charge) serves to illustrate the anticipated costs over the full term of the mortgage taking into account  the following estimated costs:


The bank arrangement fee              1000 

Charles hamer arrangement fee                        6000  

The estimted mortgage regisration fee             5652 

The interest paid over the mortgage term and the cost of the French life assurance policy

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