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French mortgage interest rates further reductions

Thursday, 20 June, 2019

The mortgage schemes and rates below are based on the following parameters

Purchase price        E 267 000 
Mortgage amount    E 200 000 
Loan to value             75%
Interest Rate    Mortgage Type     Duration    Monthly payment   Life Assurance  APRC %
0.55% Fixed        repayment         10 years      E1713.30            E46.00               1.40
0.85% Fixed        repayment         15 years      E1183.84            E46.00               1.60 
1.10% Fixed        repayment         20 years      E  928.74            E46.00               1.80
A sum to be held on a savings account with the French lender equal to 10-20% of the mortgage amount
The above schemes are provided as a guide only. Their availability is conditional on being able to meet lending policy criteria which will vary according to the nature and location of the property as well as the financial status of the borrower. The duration of the mortgage will be dependent on the age of the borrower at the date of application. The schemes are available to non-French residents. Please contact us for all schemes and rates available based on your own mortgage requirements and individual requirements.

The choice of mortgage scheme interest rate and terms and conditions are subject to your individual circumstances and the amount of the mortgage. Please contact us to enable us to discuss your requirements and personal financial circumstances to confirm that you meet criteria for any of the above mortgage schemes.  The above details do not constitute a mortgage offer, all schemes and mortgage applications are subject to the bank’s full understanding and underwriting process.

Before you make a mortgage application, we will carry out a full review to establish your needs and preferences and if you meet the criteria, we will give advice and make a recommendation to you. Depending on the scheme there may be a fee for our mortgage service. All mortgages are subject to status. Please note that all products show an indicative rate only and may not be suitable for you. You must be 18 or over.
The APRC (annual percentage rate of charge) serves to illustrate the anticipated costs over the full term of the mortgage taking into account (euros):
Mortgage registration fee                  1160
Typical bank arrangement fee      1500
Our mortgage arrangement fee            2300      
The interest paid over the mortgage term 

The life assurance based on normal acceptance terms( 50% cover per life assured) 

Please contact us for further details.