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This week's French mortgage deal

Thursday, 28 March, 2019


Repayment Mortgage                    400 000
Fixed interest rate                               0.90%     
Mortage payment pm                      3579.00 
Estimated French life assurance pm 92.00
APRC                                                  1.90%



We were instructed to approach French lenders exclusive to Charles Hamer to carry out a comparison of fixed interest rates and successfully obtained a mortgage agreement based on a rate of  0.90% fixed for the mortgage term .
The purchase price of the French property 950.000E
A sum of 50 000 E was forwarded onto a French savings account , as a condition of the mortgage.

The APRC (annual percentage rate of charge) serves to illustrate the anticipated cost over the full term of the mortgage taking into account :


The bank arrangement fee      2000

Charles hamer arrangement fee          4287  

The mortgage regisration fee               2048  

The interest paid over the mortgage term 

The life assurance based on normal acceptance terms( 50% cover per life assured)